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Photos from the Men over 40 and Ladies Day, 12-04-15, can be viewed and purchased online at SportsWeb Photography.

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Fastest Laps & Records
Ever wondered what the lap records are at TWS Paradise Valley Raceway and who were the fastest on the night, well now you can keep updated with who was setting the pace and who is the fastest in each class around TWS Paradise Valley, all available HERE

Rotorua Accomodation
Accomodation can sometime be a bit of a pain to get when coming to events at TWS Paradise Valley Raceway, here is a list of speedway friendly accomodation facilities in the Rotorua area.
Rotorua Accomodation

Club Points
Final Club Points for the 2014/2015 season can be viewed HERE, congratulations all winners.

Rotorua Stockcar Club News.
Say Your Last Goodbyes to the TWS Paradise Valley Raceway's 2014/15 Season this Sunday 12th of April!

All major events are done and dusted this season at TWS Paradise Valley Raceway, but the fun isn't quite over yet, on Sunday the 12th of April there will be a fun club day, where the cars usually piloted by enthusiastic and well practised regular drivers will be taken over by ladies and lads over 40 who otherwise wouldn't normally be behind the wheel.

Whilst the competition won't exactly be heated or the action fierce, the nice early 2pm start and the winning gate price of only $10, what better way to spend an otherwise lazy Sunday afternoon?
Read On..... Published: 06/04/2015

Rotorua Stockcar Club Review & Results
Easter All Wrapped Up

By Jeremy Fleming
The sky was once again blue overhead as the final major calendar event of the 2014/15 season at TWS Paradise Valley Raceway geared up to go. The crowd looking mildly healthier in size than that of the first night this weekend. Just after the scheduled start time of 6pm we were ready to go racing. The ministocks teed us off, all getting around the track without major incident, though over the race there was a fair bit of argee bargee, a few cars nearly going around in front of traffic but the ensuing onslaught of bumpers turning them back the right way, at the end of the heat 26r, 9r, and 55r were the top three finishers. Heat two of the ministocks saw 47r and 16r cars caught up in turn two on the first lap to bring out an early red. A few laps later something went wrong with the 14r car as it shot right taking 96r to the wall with it. 96r soon got back underway but the reds were called to remove the 14r from the track with the tractor. Not a lap after the restart the 22r was spun coming out of turn four and parked nose first beneath the flag box, the reds were once again called and he was allowed to drive to the infield. The last few laps flew on by as 36r, 9r, and 45r finished one two and three.
Read On..... Published: 05/04/2015

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