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World 240s
Entry form and event details for the 2015 Bobcat services World Invitation Superstock champs is now available for download from HERE.
Tickets for the 240s can be ordered from HERE

Demo Derby:
Entry form and event information for the planned Demo Derby on the 31st January 2015, can be downloaded from HERE

The Rotorua Stockcar Policies:
Concrete Pad Policy
Camping Policy
Concrete Pad Policy
Club Drug and Alcohol..
Pit Policy.

September Newsletter
September's Club Newsletter is available to read from HERE

N.I Stockcars & Minisprints
Entry form and event details for the North Island Stockcar and North Island Minisprint Champs are now available for download from HERE.

Rotorua Accomodation
Accomodation can sometime be a bit of a pain to get when coming to events at TWS Paradise Valley Raceway, here is a list of speedway friendly accomodation facilities in the Rotorua area.
Rotorua Accomodation

Fastest Laps & Records
Ever wondered what the lap records are at TWS Paradise Valley Raceway and who were the fastest on the night, well now you can keep updated with who was setting the pace and who is the fastest in each class around TWS Paradise Valley, all available HERE

Club Points
Final Club Points for the 2013/2014 season can be viewed HERE, congratulations all winners.

Photos from the 2013-2014 season, can be viewed and purchased online at SportsWeb Photography.

Rotorua Stockcar Club News.
Practice Gets done & Vulcans Named.

A staggering 61 cars for Practise has to be a record. It was more like a Club night than a Practise.

The 29 Ministocks drivers were broken into the two groups. The New bees, some of them having their first proper run on the track and it was interesting to watch their speeds steadily increase. This year we have a first with two sets of twins sharing cars making shared track time a real challenge for them.

The Older Drivers were staggeringly fast on what turned out to be one of the best tracks ever produced, especially at this time of year. Byron Haigh and Sheldon Arapere having consistently fast times.
Read On..... Published: 24/10/2014

Rotorua Stockcar Club Review & Results
2014/15 Season is nearly upon us.

No long to go now and our very busy 2014/15 will kick off with our Fireworks meeting on the 1st of November.


We thought the new Clubrooms/Corporate Lounge would be up by now, but as with all good things we have to wait a little longer. I could write a Novel on the various issues that have held up the progress but that won't achieve anything. I will say though, if you heard a rumour that the Rotorua District Council and the various regulatory authorities were trying to make building easier, think again, and we haven't ticked all the boxes yet. Just when we think we are getting close they throw another curve ball or the person who gave us initial advice has been made redundant and the new person has a different opinion. Enough said we will move on to what will be an exciting season.
Read On..... Published: 10/10/2014

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