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July Newsletter
July's Club Newsletter is available to read from HERE

Calendar & Contacts
On Sunday 20th July the annual AGM was held where the 14-15 draft calendar was approved and all the positions within the club were filled. The calendar can be viewed from HERE and committee and reps from HERE

Fastest Laps & Records
Ever wondered what the lap records are at TWS Paradise Valley Raceway and who were the fastest on the night, well now you can keep updated with who was setting the pace and who is the fastest in each class around TWS Paradise Valley, all available HERE

Club Points
Final Club Points for the 2013/2014 season can be viewed HERE, congratulations all winners.

Photos from the 2013-2014 season, can be viewed and purchased online at SportsWeb Photography.

The Rotorua Stockcar Policies have been updated, these are:
Camping Policy - updated
Concrete Pad Policy - updated
Club Drug and Alcohol..
Pit Policy.

Rotorua Stockcar Club News.
Team News and Registering of Interest in Racing or Sponsoring either Team

Following team meetings with the Rascals and the Rebels to review last seasons performance the selectors, Graeme and Steve, have decided to keep the current Managers of both teams.

Harriet and Mel will manage the Rascals and Darrin will manage the Rebels.

The club is asking for anyone wanting to be a driver, or the coach, for either team to register their interest with Sonja by August 8th.

The selectors will then consult with the Managers to select the squads and coach's.
Read On..... Published: 25/07/2014

Rotorua Stockcar Club Review & Results
Rotorua Stockcar Club Prizegiving

Prizegiving 2013/14 Season
Best 1st Year Benjamin Transom
Perseverance Aria Berg
Most Improved Byron Haigh
Sportsman of the Year Anyssa Rimmer

Competitor of the Year Tyson Wright
Runner-up Sheldon Arapere

Sue Patrick Memorial Sarah Flavell
Read On..... Published: 09/06/2014

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