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Photos from the World 240s, can be viewed and purchased online at SportsWeb Photography.

Ministocks In Paradise
Entry form and event details are now available for the 2015 Tubby Norriss Memorial Ministocks in Paradise is now available for download from HERE.

TWS Stockcar Teams Tickets
Tickets for the TWS Stockcar Teams can be ordered from HERE

TWS Stockcar Teams
The format for the TWS Stockcar Teams is now available for download from HERE

Fastest Laps & Records
Ever wondered what the lap records are at TWS Paradise Valley Raceway and who were the fastest on the night, well now you can keep updated with who was setting the pace and who is the fastest in each class around TWS Paradise Valley, all available HERE

Demo Derby:
Entry form and event information for the planned Demo Derby on the 31st January 2015, can be downloaded from HERE

The Rotorua Stockcar Policies:
Concrete Pad Policy
Camping Policy
Concrete Pad Policy
Club Drug and Alcohol..
Pit Policy.

Rotorua Accomodation
Accomodation can sometime be a bit of a pain to get when coming to events at TWS Paradise Valley Raceway, here is a list of speedway friendly accomodation facilities in the Rotorua area.
Rotorua Accomodation

Club Points
Final Club Points for the 2013/2014 season can be viewed HERE, congratulations all winners.

Ministocks In Paradise

Due to the number of extra entries we have received since the entry list was posted, we are considering running another group. So for those that haven't entered can you please get an entry in as soon as possible.

Entry form and event details are HERE


Rotorua Stockcar Club News.
Get Ready, the Valley is About to Roar!

By Jeremy Fleming
Prepare yourselves for the biggest two nights of superstock racing the world has to offer and get down to TWS Paradise Valley Raceway on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th of January for the Bobcat Services BOP World 240's.

The World 240's is the premier superstock event that graces the TWS Paradise Valley Raceway calendar each season, unique in that it brings drivers from overseas to have a go at New Zealand superstock racing, the winner of the event is then invited to race in the UK. Every year we see great fields of superstocks and plenty of action in the finals.
Read On..... Published: 13/01/2015

Rotorua Stockcar Club Review & Results
Gentleman, Start Your Engines!! (Oh What a Night)

By Jeremy Fleming
As hoped for a large crowd turned out for night two of the Bobcat Services BOP World 240's, even with the weather looking questionable, and as it drizzled on everyone, we stuck it out and got underway with the full on, all out superstock repercharge to find out final two qualifiers.

With all the extra moisture on the ground one could only expect a messy first corner as 27 superstocks go for Charlie trying to force their way down to the pole line and get an early jump into spot one or two. Even after a few hot laps to skim the surface, the track was still clearly pretty slippery as the race got underway. There is definitely no match for the sound of a full field of superstocks with their foot to the floor. Things were definitely slippery out there, cars all over the place, the first casualties 591p, 23c, 29b, 3nz and 44r were all out within two laps with various amounts of damage, 591p left without the entire rear panel of his body and a bit of damage to the front left, several cars pulled off over the remaining laps with flat tyres, 71p and 52p went through to the finals, with a little help from 75p who put in a little bit of block slowing down a few of the locals and keeping things interesting.

Read On..... Published: 17/01/2015

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