Well that’s a Wrap!!!!

After a very busy, and very successful 50th Anniversary season at TWS Paradise Valley Speedway we wrapped up the year as normal with our Ladies and Men over 40s day.  This year we had a twist adding in the Wholesale Tyres BOP Six Shooter Championship which couldn’t be run during the season.

24 Ladies and 35 men jumped into cars they normally crew for or Sponsor, and did some hot laps, everyone had a great time with lots of instructions and banter from the drivers.

The 14 Six Shooters raced in a 3 heat championship ending with a tie for first between 71M Boyd Westbury and 51M Cole Wood.  A four lap runoff and Cole Wood came out on top, Boyd second and in third place was 28A Laurie Peterson.

BOP Six Shooter Points

A special thanks to all the Staff and Sponsors here at TWS Paradise Valley Speedway, it’s been a big season and each and every one of you can be proud of doing your part to make our Big Little Track such a great place to race for the Drivers, and Spectators to enjoy.



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